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ROSKI SPLAP - another face of NP KRKA.

NP Krka Roski Slap

ROSKI SLAP is a part of Krka National Park, not as popular as Skradinski buk waterfalls ( well known among locals and tourists ), but for sure worth visiting. Getting there is an adventure itself - narrow, curvy and winding roads with breathtaking views. Literally breathtaking, not for the people with fear or anxiety in this matter. Road signs are made specially for this area. And memories are unforgettable ...

Roski Slap is the official entrance tothe National Park Krka and can be visited throughout the year. Maybe the main waterfall itself isn't very impressive, it is located at the end of the barrier where the Krka River falls 15 metres into Visovac Lake. But small cascading waterfalls, beautiful vegetation and amazing views, makes this location very attractive. My first time entering NP Krka from the upper side of the falls - since I visited the ''commercial side'' so many times, I didn't have high expectations. At the end I was very impressed. First of all there's not so many people. It was nice and quiet, I could hear all the sounds of nature. The river was flawing and falling down the cliffs - I could smell the water. Birds, ducks singing their songs, lizards on the rocks getting the sun.

NP Krka Roski Slap

If you don't want just to have a pleasant walk, but also to use a hiking trail, wear solid sneakers and don't forget your bottle of water. Hiking can be challenging for children due to rocky ground for the most part of your way up. We didn't mind exercising, so we climbed to the viewpoint overlooking the Krka river. Climbing the canyon of Roski slap wasn't easy. It takes about 30 min to get to the top of the hill.

NP Krka Roski Slap

No words can describe the view from the top. To the left beautiful river Krka rolling down between huge rocky hills, across typical dalmatian view: lot of rocks and pine trees. To the right waterfalls coming between the trees.

NP Krka river canion

Roski slap can be reach by road from Drniš, Knin and Skradin, or by the excursion boats of the Krka National Park that set off from Skradinski buk. From Šibenik, you can reach Roški slap via the roads Šibenik-Pakovo-Ključ-Širitovci or Šibenik-Skradin-Dubravice-Rupe-Laškovica. You can also reach Roški slap via the river from Skradinski Buk on an excursion boat road provided by the Public Institution of Krka National Park.


How to get to Roski Slap from Grebastica:

Grebastica - Roski Slap 45 km, 49 min

Grebaštica donja - Head north on Grebaštica donja toward D8 1 min (350 m) - Continue on D8. Drive from D33 and E65/E71 to Gračac. Take exit 21-Skradin from E65/E71 28 min (29.6 km) - Drive to your destination in Bogatić 18 min (15.3 km)

Roški Slap Šetnica Roški Slap - Visovac, 22324, Bogatić

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